Granny flats can have multiple uses. As extra space, an office, a teenager retreat, guest accommodation, extra income for your property… please see our set designs. Granny flats can be built with or without bathrooms. We can of course customise the designs to better suit your needs- cost will be dependent on alterations, the slope of your land etc. Environmentally friendly options also available, and you can choose to be hooked up to mains power (if that option is available) or be self sufficient and ‘off the grid’.


A self-contained granny flat can be cost effective to build and provide you with additional income/rental return for your property in addition to increasing the overall value of your property.


Granny flats can also be an ideal solution for teenagers who may need extra space, privacy, or a place to hang out with, with their mates. Additionally, they can be ideal as guest accommodation for visiting family and friends, giving them their own privacy and space. We have also built granny flats as a separate office from the house for those who work from home.

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